Ecig Batteries Take A Step Forward

When someone says tells me to buy cheap ecig batteries, I usually shrug them off as a penny pincher.  When you buy cheap ecig batteries, it usually means you’re getting a low quality product.  An e-cig battery that will last a couple weeks or a couple charges and then be done.  Well, there is one way to avoid getting yourself into the mess of cheap ecig batteries and that is purchasing new ecigarette technology.

Since we are talking about ecig batteries here, we’ll talk about the advancement of the e-cigarette battery over the last few years.

Recently, ecigarette technology has made the jump into the world of lithium ecig batteries.  These electronic cig batteries have made smoking electronic cigarettes a much less stressful and aggravating experience.  With lithium e-cigarette battery technology, your e-cig batteries can last up to 300-350 charges and deliver the power to increase the quality of the vapor puff.  A tasty thick vapor puff off the ecig is what we are all looking for and this new lithium electronic cigarette battery technology is doing just that.

So next time you are looking to buy cheap ecig batteries, make sure you take advantage of new lithium e-cigarette battery technology.

Ecig Battery Types

Ecigs batteries come in different types and sizes, the end and style of the battery determines which nicotine cartridges you can use. By having different types not all batteries and cartridges will fit together so different Ecig companies can keep their product proprietary.

So make sure you order the correct refill cartridges or make sure that they will fit your battery before you order. I have made this mistake thinking that all e-cigarettes batteries were similar and just ordered some refills that looked to be the same size.

That is when I found out that both my battery and the cartridges I ordered had the same type of end. The battery from my ecig starter kit had a male ended screw piece and the cartridges I ordered were also male ended.

If this happens to you a simple solution is to look for a e-cigarette brand that has a female ended battery so the cartridges don’t go to waste. However this is not as easy as it sounds, besides the batteries and cartridges being female or male styles you also have to match the size.

Think of it as having a bolt of one size and a wing nut that is much smaller. The same goes for ecig batteries and cartridges, you have to have not only match the end types but size as well. There are some that may even appear to be the same size but may have different size screw knurling. This means the screw patterns may be different so even if you have a male ended battery and a female cartridge of the same size the grooves may not fit together.


E Cig Battery Basics

Basics of E cig Batteries:

Automatic batteries – These are standard in e cigarettes that look like regular cigarettes. Instead of having a power switch, they’re activated by inhaling on them. It’s very convenient and easy to use.

510 - The most common connection of atomizer to battery these days. You might see 808, 901, 306. These are just different threading.

Battery – The battery is the thing that powers your atomizer. It’s a very important part of your electronic cigarette.

mAh - milliamp hour, basically – how long the battery will last.

Manual Battery – A battery that has a button to turn on the atomizer.